'Block Reportin' 101' and more at the San Francisco Black Film Festival


Frameline is hitting screens tomorrow (our coverage here, here, and here), but this weekend also unspools another local festival worth your filmgoing time: the San Francisco Black Film Festival, which kicks off Fri/15 with Robert Townsend's latest, based-on-a-true-story drama In the Hive. It's about a group of at-risk teens struggling to continue their educations (with the help of tough-love administrators played by Loretta Devine and Michael Clarke Duncan).

The rest of the fest includes a "Focus on Fathers Family Day" featuring a new short doc by Kevin Epps; a games and animation-focused program topped off by a panel with Leo Sullivan (Fat Albert) and Morrie Turner (Wee Pals); and, of course, a huge slate of features and shorts, on a wide-cast net of subjects: pick-up basketball, hip-hop in Ghana, "good hair," and more. Don't miss mockumentary Thugs, The Musical — SF comedian Kevin Avery's show biz satire in the vein of Townsend's 1987 Hollywood Shuffle.

Of particular local interest is the Sat/16 screening of Block Reportin' 101, S. "C-ya" Samura's documentary about community activist and journalist J.R. Valray, "People's Minister of Information," and his work at the Bay Area's own Block Report Radio. Check out the trailer below, and Valray's own radio report on the SFBFF here.

Fri/15-Sun/17, $5-$50
Various venues, SF

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