Voices of "The Queer Youth of Today"

photo by Keeney and Law

For the cover of our Queer Pride Issue, the Guardian rallied a group together to take some photos and ask them about their experiences as queer youths in the Bay Area. Go to the jump to hear more from Angel, Brian, Dennis, and Huitzi.

(Photos by Keeney and Law)


Angel, Intern, SF LGBT Community Center
"I'm really excited for Pride! I've never been... this is going to be my first time, so I'm really excited..."

Brian, Recent SF Transplant
"I grew up in Texas. By coming out here I'm coming into a new world where it's ok being gay, it's ok being you you are, it's ok me loving Angel, and it's ok flaunting it. No one is going to say anything about that. I think the Bay Area is where I was meant to be."

Dennis, Poet/Musician/Queer Youth Educator
"What inspires me is adversity, because it's something that enrages me and something that fuels me to overcome."

Huitzi, Poet
"What inspires me? Seeing other people display their strength. Especially if they want to help people that are going through the same things they did. Seeing people take a stand for what they believe in... I love that."

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