Herbwise radio: Catch Caitlin Donohue today on Cannabis Cuts

Merry Toppins and Vaperonica Dee interview our culture editor on their radio show today, Tue/17.

Our culture editor-cannabis columnist Caitlin Donohue interviewed Cannabis Cuts' Vaperonica Dee and Merry Toppins for her weekly Herbwise rant-and-rave back in June and now the on-air marijuana news duo is repaying the favor. Their smoke-filled catch-up will air live on the Mutiny Radio website today, Tue/17 at 4-6pm (the podcast will also be available for free download after airtime.)

Toppins was in the audience for last week's "Bay Area Feminism Today" panel, which she informed us inspired some questions she'll have for Donohue on the subject of cannabis feminism. What's that mean? Given the popularity of portraying women in cannabis as pot-leaf-over-the-aureole airheads, it sounds like a term that needs coining. 

You'll also be able to stream the show after air time at www.stitcher.com

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