Live Shots: SF Street Food Festival 2012 preview


The SF Street Food Festival has become such a delight in the summertime. (This year's takes place on Saturday, August 18.) A chance to sample wonderful treats from the around the world (many developed in the test kitchens of entrepeneurial incubator La Cocina), transporting your taste buds to the far reaches of yumminess. The festival can get crazy crowded, so to help you out, here's a list of some fave vendors to make a beeline for:

Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas
– It's partially that you'll fall in love with Alicia, who will call you “mi cariño,” but it's also that her delectable homemade tamales are out of this world, stuffed with pork, chicken or cheese and slathered in fresh salsa verde. You can't go wrong with this corny bundles of love.

Minnie Bells' Soul Movement – Think fried chicken and mac and cheese. Really good soul food, simple and delicious. Never tasted such flavorful gumbo!

Chiefo's Kitchen – Chiefo cooks wonderful West African cuisine, that's spicy and filled with exotic flavors. Try her mini moi-moi, a savory cake made with blended black eyed peas and topped with a crispy piece of meat.

Global Soul – Here's the deal. I was handed a piece of meat on a toothpick, dripping in fat and it was the best thing ever. You know you want that too.

Azalina's – “I love deep frying things!” declared Azalina. And she's not joking! But what I love about her snacks is that yes, they are perfectly fried and golden, but then layered with roasted meats, fresh veggies and topped with a hot pink raspberry. So unique and beautiful!

Neo Cocoa – Save room for dessert! Christine from Neo Cocoa will be serving up chocolate truffle brownies, layered with such decadent fillings as almond butter.