Finally: All-female street art takes over ATL

Zurich's Tika is midway through her piece at the world's first all-female street art conference.

As colorful and diverse as the global street art scene is these days, it's still overwhelmingly a boy's game. That's why we're so stoked to hear about the first days of Living Walls Atlanta, a street art conference in its third year that decides to step out and feature all-female artists in 2012 Wed/15-Sun/19. Its lead organizer Monica Campana and her team have attracted an ace crew for what by all accounts will be the first all-women global street art festival.

New York-New Jersey wheatpaste artist LNY is on the ATL scene now and will have a Guardian exclusive for us next week. Read on for a preview of some of the baddie artists featured at this year's Living Walls.


Go here for a video a day from the Living Walls crew

Molly Rose Freeman - Memphis

Cake -- New York

Tika - Zurich 


Hyuro - Spain/Buenos Aires

Sten and Lex - Rome

Olive47 - Atlanta

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