Toads! Conniving one-percenters! And giant sharks! New movies


This week, check out the offerings at Cine+Mas, the San Francisco Latino Film Festival, plus reviews of quirky docs Beauty is Embarrassing and Cane Toads: The Conquest, in my overview here. Also, Los Angeles-based underground superstar Damon Packard visits Other Cinema Sat/15 with his latest, Foxfur; he chats about it here.

A pair of interview-reviews, as well: Dennis Harvey talks to Ira Sachs about dark relationship drama Keep the Lights On, and Kimberly Chun talks to Nicholas Jarecki about financial-world thriller Arbitrage. Harvey also writes up doc Girl Model, a devastating look at the global modeling industry.

Oh, and Hollywood? They're banking on you wanting to go under the sea (again) with Finding Nemo 3D. Shaaaaaark!