Live Shots: ABADA-Capoeira's "The Spirit of Brazil"


Sparking machetes. Lots of them, clanking against each other, as the dancers holding them ran in circles.

I'll be honest, sitting in the front row was slightly intimidating, and also rather exhilarating! The ABADÁ-Capoeira dance troupe, plus special guests from as far Switzerland, filled the stage with pure energy, in rehearsal for the troupe's "Spirit of Brazil" show, running Thu/18-Sun/20. 

One of the dances tells the story of an ancient church in Brazil, where people of all religions went to be blessed. It was a moody and beautiful piece. There's live music, soulful singing by the musicians and the dancers, and, yes, seriously speedy dance moves involving very large, sharp knives. It's primal, wild, and filled with history. Go see it -- just make sure your eyebrows don't get shaved off!

ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco's "The Spirit of Brazil"
Thur/18-Sat/20, 7pm, $23
Sun, October 21, 3pm
ODC Theater
3153 17th St., SF