Tango at Red Poppy Art House: A photographic foray


Tango is spicy music. It makes you think of deep red dresses, glasses of rich wine, and warm nights for taking a long walk with your lover. Although we didn’t have one-way tickets to Argentina, an evening with the Redwood Tango Ensemble at the intimate and tiny Red Poppy Art House made the audience feel like they were that much closer to the real deal.

This five-piece ensemble of passionate and talented musicians performed a mixture of well-known and danceable tango pieces, along with a selection of its very own originals, which were sometimes a little more dark and moody, but also very different from traditional tango, posessing a certain home-grown flavor.

To top it off, there was even some tango dancing to accompany the music, showing the beautiful collaboration that tango music can bring between musicians and dancers.