Looking up: Apex One's Mid-Market rooftop street art gallery


I was a little devastated when I found that the owner of Ricardo "Apex" Richey's Market and Sixth Street studio -- where he painted his canvases of street art abstractions -- had sold the building to a new owner intent on converting the raw space to tech offices. What of the Asian-run garment factories, the rickety elevators? And what, more importantly, of the rooftop that Apex had the run of, where he'd let his street art friends paint huge burners? Over the years, the space had converted into a guestbook of sorts, with murals done by Mona Caron, Neon, Chez.

In our recent interview, which appeared in this week's paper, Richey told me that the owner had mentioned that though he intended to gut the structure, he may leave the rooftop gallery standing. Hopefully, that's the case. In the meantime, here's some shots from those sky-level works -- and a few snaps of Richey's murals from the Sixth Street neighborhood's past and present. Hopefully whatever 'hood he finds for his next studio space will benefit just as much from the aerosol artist's work. 

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