Twitter took my bots!

Back to being irrelevant and unpopular, meow.

Party's over, people. After my cover story hit newsstands today, and my ruse of buying a truckload of manufactured Twitter followers from Intertwitter had been exposed, the blue bird busted up the party with digital billy clubs and a grim sense of humor. Yes, she's back to non-celebrity status after our mid-Market neighbor stripped my profile stats at some point this morning. How will life ever be the same after one has tasted the sweet nectar of having 3,000 followers? Hey, at least we know the tech community is reading our newspaper. And now I have one more thing in common with Beyonce. 

UPDATE: The bastards suspended Candra "Racist Bot" Obrien (@candraobrien). We were working with her on her bigotry! Actually, maybe that part was a good idea. 

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