Super Bowl losers, fan fashion winners


Wandering around Polk Street before the Super Bowl on Sunday, I was seeing red -- but not from stray elbows or overserved sports boors. Team-inspired fashion is usually a pretty simple affair: a hat, a T-shirt with a logo, maybe a jacket. But this is San Francisco, where we don't do common and the Niners' presence in the Super Bowl was one more excuse for residents to show off their flair for dramatic costuming.

But though I was out looking for the over-the-top, the Niners gear I did managed to capture ended up being mainly on the tasteful side of things. I spotted a woman and pup in matching red gear, a cute couple subtly sporting Niners colors without sacrificing J. Crew-crispness.

That aside, my favorite was a man in a gigantic red and gold poncho. As I began to introduce myself, the gentleman spotted my camera and tipsily exclaimed, “you don’t even have to ask!” He grabbed his buddies and struck a pose. I’m betting he was probably pretty upset after the game. But least he was already wearing his security blanket. Not to mention, swathed in love for his hometown, win or lose.