Watching models eat: On and off-runway shots at NY Fashion Week


"New York inspires me to be more ambitious and to push my work to higher levels," reflected Academy of Art University shutterbug Aldo Carrera on his recent trip to document his school's Fashion Week runway collections.

"I also love watching models eat."

Truly, that most elusive of NYFW moments.

As it turns out, AAU sends one of its own each year to document the proceedings on its NYFW. (Coincidentally, ur intern Jessica Wolfrom who was in NYC reporting for the Guardian on a few shows is a AAU student as well.) We checked in with Carrera upon his return to San Francisco to hear about what it was like to student-snap the shows. He told us he's big into fashion photogs who push the limits of documenting lewks -- Helmut Newton and Nick Knight among them. 

SFBG: Tell us about your degree program. How does school prepare you for fashion photojournalism?

Aldo Carrera: At the Academy of Art my focus is fine art and fashion photography. Mixing the two actually is what I enjoy most. As far as photojournalism, I would say it is something that comes as more of an instinct, I don’t think any school can teach a photographer how to be at the right place and right time with your camera. Especially now with our cell phones, anyone can be a great photojournalist. Although, being in school I have learned how to tell a story with my camera.

SFBG: What do you think fashion photojournalism is lacking these days?

AC: Sometimes it seems as though photographers these days care more about constantly clicking their shutter rather than reading into their subject.

SFBG: What was your favorite part of New York Fashion Week? Least favorite? How long were you out there?

AC: This was actually my first time being able to attend a show for NYFW, being around the amazing work of emerging artists and designers have their work recognized with such honor. It was truly inspiring to be around (and be able to photograph) that type of creative energy. The only negative moment I can think of the experience is how cold New York can get! Following the show, I stayed in the city for another week to do some of my own editorial shoots.

SFBG: How did it come about that you came to be shooting your school's NYFW show?

AC: The PR department at the Academy invited me to shoot backstage. It was also an incredible experience to see some of my friends in the knitwear department throughout their processes and then able to see it go down the runway in a Mercedes-Benz NYFW show. 


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