There's at least one reason to care about the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Rebel, Rebel

Oh, gawd. Another movie awards show? Ain't we done with the tired old titles of 2012? MTV's just announced its nominees for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, an all-style-and-no-substance annual event that, HOLD UP, may actually be worth watching this year (airdate is April 14).

Reason being: host Rebel Wilson, an inspired choice who happens to be up for Best Female Performance as well as Best Breakthrough Performance for Pitch Perfect. Tumblr agrees ... Rebel is awesome.

Complete list of nominees on MTV's site here, with categories like Movie of the Year (spoiler alert: Amour is not on the list); Best Shirtless Performance (why are there people on this list who weren't in Magic Mike?); crowd favorites Best Kiss and Best Fight; and my personal favorite, Best WTF Moment — because aren't those the moments we really remember when the lights go up? My pick for pure, over-the-top violence and lavish WTF-ness, full of dialogue I don't dare repeat here: "Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson, Candieland Gets Smoked, in Django Unchained."

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