Oddballs: The best in style from SXSW


I arrived in Austin smack dab in the middle of the Interactive portion of SXSW, so I got to watch the music folks trickle in first-hand. Every day I'd put on a wig or glitter or some neon and head out, camera in hand, looking for adventure. As the skinny jeans and ripped t-shirts and plaid and beards began to take over from the jeans and button-downs, there were folks like these: colorful, dramatic, friendly, fun, and aesthetically remarkable (sorta like that whole Purple Cow thing marketing people love to talk about...) 

From booty-shorts to capes, top hats to schoolgirl skirts- these are the types of looks my eyes (and hopefully, yours too) want to feast on. Have your fill.

Najva Sol is a rad photographer who does cool things. Check out her Tumblr for more of her work