Beloved Shirts reads your mind, puts it on a sweatshirt

You need more Eddie Murphy clothes.

I should be pissed that Provo, Utah's Beloved Shirts company has raided my Internet search records, but I'll focus on just being happy that now I can buy that Goldfish crackers crewneck sweatshirt of my dreams.

Chances are that you will also find your favorite obsession screen-printed onto a Beloved sweatshirt or cell phone cover in the brand's online store -- be that Adventure Time, Totoro, Shark Week, or Oprah. The standard memes are there -- hey Grumpy Cat, nice galaxy -- but also more timeless designs, like a cascade of diamonds, Michael Jordan dunking, howling whales

To make sure that Beloved wasn't just a highly adapted, Facebook Ads-like, clothes-making version of spamware, I fired off a few email interview questions to the proprietors. A guy named Jeremiah Robison founded the company last winter, and as a company rep named Coby told me, "we have been loving the ride ever since."

When asked to describe the brand's aesthetic, Coby told me it was "current and fun." Luckily, I think you'll find that Beloved's aesthetic is pretty easily grokkable for anyone with decent mouse control and a Vine account. 


SFBG: Describe your visioning process when it comes to your garment design.

Coby: We try to envision designs that will look incredible and will shock people in a pleasant way.  We love the different options that all over print design offer, and the freedom that this gives to us and our designers.

SFBG: Has anyone ever fallen in love with you upon seeing you in one of your designs? I imagine these things provoke some strong reactions.

C: They do provoke some strong reactions.  [Robison] has worn them all over town, including to soccer games, the grocery store, dinner, and dates with his wife. The reactions people give are one of the pleasures of the brand.

SFBG: Who would be your dream celebrity to clothe?

C: The dream celebrity? Tony Hawk! Or Jay-Z.  

SFBG: How do you define the kind of people/pop culture items/everyday things that wind up on your clothes? General aesthetic, bla bla.

C: [We define our look] as current and fun. There is a certain excitement to our sweaters, so we try to bring that into our images and designs. Inspiration can come from anywhere.  

Coby explicitly added that the brand is open to your thoughts on what their next design should be. My list: Earvin Johnson III, a kalidescope spread of steroid ferrets, and more Goldfish crackers. 

Ah! And perhaps you were looking for something to wear to the Internet Cat Video Festival? You can still cop this sweatshirt and phone case on the site:

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