VIDEO: Videogame killer robot GLaDOS sings for same-sex marriage proposal at GaymerX convention

GLADoS gushy over proposal
GLADoS courtesy of Valve, photo by Joe Fitzgerald

The GaymerX convention in San Francisco's Japantown this past weekend was a historic first, an LGBT video game convention at a time when mega-blockbuster games mainly feature hyper-masculine hetero-heroes, and few representations of homosexuality exist.

But the GaymerX was more than just a milestone for LGBT gamers, it was a milestone for one couple's marriage.

Chris Jacobs and Koen Victor have been dating for two years, but there was always just one little snag: Victor lives in Belgium, and Jacobs in Boston. As two men, their potential marriage wouldn't lead to Koen's citizenship. But with the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA, Jacobs and Victor could now not only be married, but Victor could finally emigrate to the U.S.

Victor told the Guardian that he expected a proposal "sometime," but he had no idea that a video game villain would be in on the big day.

Ellen McClain, the voice of GLaDOS from the blockbuster video game Portal 2 sung the end song of the first Portal game,"Still Alive," but with a twist. On stage for a panel discussion on voice acting with over 500 people in attendance, she asked for help from the audience, asking for "a Belgian." Victor walked up to the stage, and McClain sang, "You'll be married and you're still alive, you'll be fantastic and you're still alive, still alive." Victor smiled as he realized what was happening. His suspicions were confirmed when his boyfriend walked up to the stage.

"When I first met you, and learned you were from Belgium...," Jacobs said. "He called me waffle," Victor told the audience.

"Would you make me the happiest man?" Jacobs asked, getting down on one knee.

Victor's first reaction was to say, "really!?" His second reaction was to say yes, and the audience jumped to their feet with applause. There were few dry eyes in the house.

Outside the convention hall, The Guardian asked Ellen McClain why she and her husband came out in support of the LGBT community.... did they have a lot of gay loved ones in their lives?

"I work in theater," she said, and smiled.