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Pics: Green Festival grows wild and free


Text and photos by Ariel Soto



It's quite inspiring to spend the morning walking through what seems like miles and miles of booths, all dedicated to sustainability, green living, and creating a better future for our beautiful planet. Read more »

Robert Pattinson doesn't suck


By Louis Peitzman

Question: How do you stop a mob of unruly tweens?

Answer: You don't.

On the morning of Nov 10, 3,000 Twilight fans tried to rush their way into the Stonestown Galleria, all for a chance to meet Robert Pattinson. In the ensuing chaos, several young'uns got trampled, one girl allegedly broke her nose, and almost everyone was turned away. Read more »

Danny Boyle on Bollywood, game shows, and Indian fairy tales


SFBG's Louis Peitzman interviews Trainspotting and 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle on the eve of the release of his latest flick, Slumdog Millionaire

L-R: Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor. Photo by Ishika Mohan

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Slumdog Millionaire is a very colorful and vibrant film. Read more »

Two reviews from 3rd I


By Kevin Langson

The sixth annual 3rd I: San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival runs through Sun/16. Read more »

SFIAF: Zap your peepers with animated wonders


Trailer for Sita Sings the Blues, which opens the San Francisco International Animation Festival on Thu/13

At last the third annual Read more »

Street Threads: What the heck are you wearing?


Fabulous SFBG photog Ariel Soto hits the streets again, scoping out the latest in San Francisco daywear.

Aideen, Fillmore and Bush.jpg
Aideen, Fillmore and Bush

Catherine, Castro and 19th.jpg
Catherine, Castro and 19th Str Read more »

Homophobic styles: H8sterz -- the new hipsters?


OK, so I know we're way past the stage -- mostly -- where you can tell that someone's rollin' in the lavender fagioli by their look. And I realize the whole "Christian Rock movement" has weirdly co-opted such previously "alternative" gestures as the Van Gogh Dyke crumb-catcher and Vans footwear. Thank you, Jars of Clay. Read more »

Pics: The dead walk among us


Ed Note -- OK, OK, we're a tad late posting these wonderful pics by Ariel Soto of the annual Day of the Dead procession -- at which we actually sensed a greater Latino presence than at years previous. But we got a little caught up in the whole election kerfuffle. Read more »

Drunk on hope ... and Baracktails


By Molly Freedenberg

Thanks to the results of the presidential election, it seemed everyone I saw Tuesday night was happy and drunk. (Perhaps it also had something to do with drowning out the memory of the sad fates of Props H and 8.) And not surprisingly, many were reeling from cocktails they'd invented or renamed just for election night. My favorites? The Baracktail, a mixture of champagne and a fruity liquer, which was later rechristined The Landslide; and the Obama Bomb, a combo of Bacardi O and Red Bull.

What intoxicated you on November 4 (other than hope and triumph)? Read more »

An interview with "Stranded" director Gonzalo Arijon


By Mara Math

No one was more surprised than I that Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains proved to be one of my favorite films at this year's Read more »