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Semiconscious Consumerism: Leather Vegans


Blogger Justin Juul weighs in -- just in time for Slow Food Nation this weekend -- on the contradictions of fashion and philosophy. Read more »

Local Artist of the Week: Aurie Ramirez



LOCAL ARTIST Aurie Ramirez
TITLE Untitled
STORY Aurie Ramirez’ sophisticated, delicately rendered compositions create an ever-expanding fantasy world where fragments of 18th-century dandyism, neo-Victorian decorum, psychedelia, Venetian masquerade, glam-rock sex, and punk fetishism are repeated and transformed. Read more »

Semiconscious Consumerism: Dope gear for idiots


Blogger Justin Juul ponders high-end street gear in a time of economic crisis. Read more »

Photo Issue Q&A: Sean McFarland


To choose just one photo by Sean McFarland for this year's Guardian Photo Issue was tough. Ultimately, we went with one from 2005 that looked best within the issue's layout. McFarland's more recent work was markedly different, but just as impressive. The interview below is interspersed with some of these more recent photos, and some interesting background information about their mysteries. Read more »

That's a giant inflatable dog turd, blowing in the wind, pulling down power lines


The shit flies fast and furious. Photo courtesy of Anorak News.

This is far too weird to pass up - "Turd on the Runs" headlines et al. Read more »

Photo Issue: Molly Decoudreaux looks beneath the nightlife


Photo by Molly Decoudreaux

It's hopeless to ignore the incredible explosion of nightlife photography that's happened on the Web and in art schools these past few years. Read more »

Big ups for "Big Top"


Finally, a publication is recognizing the recent(ish) explosion of independent circus art as a movement in its own right (rather than a bastardization of “real” circus or an extension of Burning Man culture). Yup, that’s right. I’m talking about Best of the Bay winner Big Top, the online mag dedicated to highlighting, promoting, and supporting indie circus culture. Read more »

If the glass fits


By Marianne Moore

Delirium Tremens is the name of a Belgian beer. It’s also a condition that results from severe alcohol withdrawal—its symptoms are convulsions and hallucinations, and untreated, it’s quite deadly*. At nine percent alcohol by volume, the Belgian pale ale could be said to be both the cause and the cure of the syndrome it’s named for (Oh no! He’s got delirium tremens; quick! Give him some Delirium Tremens). Read more »

Photo Issue Q&A: Jessica Rosen


The cover image of this week's Photo Issue comes from Jessica Rosen. While it reflects Rosen's recent shift toward collage -- which she also is using to create one-of-a-kind handbags and books -- it only represents one facet of her work to date. Rosen's website presents sections devoted to some of her earlier projects. Read more »

Photo Issue Q&A: Heather Renee Russ of Cutter Photozine


By Johnny Ray Huston

Every photo has a story, and the one behind Ace Morgan's in this week's Photo Issue is worth telling. "I was documenting and photographing my friend Chris in Detroit who was a male-to-female prostitute," Morgan tells Sara Seinberg in the first issue of Cutter Photozine, where the image is part of a section devoted to his work. "Chris' lover was this guy named Tony. Read more »