It just gets nastier


By Tim Redmond

On the last day before the election, Warren Hinckle managed to get a final blast in, distributing (he told me) 40,000 coies of the Argonaut, his occasionally published journal that seems to be published largely when there are political ads available to fund it. Most of the distribution's going on the west side of town, and the cover features a rather nasty illustration of Janet Reilly, in a low-cut, tight dress, drinking a glass of champagne in her Sea Cliff mansion.

The picture represents exactly the reputation the Fiona Ma campaign is trying to pin on Reilly (rich woman married to a real-estate investor, lives in a nice house, and is really just a stalking horse for her husband, who is clearly calling the shots). It's pretty much all Ma has to fight with, since Ma is a terrible vote on the Board of Supervisors, has been a bumbling candidate who was badly embarassed in one debate and skipped the next, and has no real political platform or vision.
But it's already creating waves. "Women all over the city should be outraged at the way these special interests are making the most sexist claims about Reilly," Alix Rosenthal, president of the San Francisco chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus, told me. "I hope there's some sort of backlash against Fiona Ma for this; she ought to be denoucing these tactics and standing up for women't rights."
The Argonaut is normally funded with political ads (which is what it is; we take political ads, too). This time around, there's also a full-page ad from Cityapartments, the subsidiary of Skyline Realty, which is one of the more notorious landlords in town. Does Skyline really think it's going to rent out apartments by advertising in this once-only political journal -- or is that a favor to Ma, who is the fave of the landlord lobby?