more results and analysis


With a few precincts starting to trickle in, here's what we have:

Ma 58, Reilly 41; this is narrowing a bit. Yee, 66, Nevin 28, Papan 5; unless San Mateo is WAY for Nevin, this one's looking pretty close to in the bag.

Prop. B is going to win, and Prop. D -- despite all of Joe O'Donoghue's money -- is going down in a huge way. The conservative absentees are against it, 67-32.

It's still a bit early to say what all of this means, but it's clear that the Tony Hall-O'Donoghue attempt to cut into Mayor Newsom's popularity on the west side by beating him on Prop. D has failed, miserably. That means the Tony-Hall-for-Mayor rumors are going to take a dive.

Prop. C, the Transbay Terminal measure, is also losing pretty big, and I don't think it will pass -- but on the other hand, Sup. Chris Daly quit campaigning for it this week, saying he'd already made his point.