Continuing bike battles


By Steven T. Jones
OK, this entry is just adding some touch-up work to the one below: "Bike battles continues." I've heard some firsthand reports from last weekend's mini-confrontation between Mayor Gavin Newsom and a bicycle community upset over how the Gav didn't keep his promise to seek a compromise to the Healthy Saturdays measure he vetoed a couple months ago. Newsom won't even meet with the bike people to discuss things (big surprise...we hear Newsom is checked out and has been cancelling his regular department head meetings and other gigs. Why? Well, there are nasty rumors about that, which I'll try to share with y'all asap). But getting back on topic: bike activists gathered to ambush Newsom at the Conservatory of Flowers, where he was to be privately honored for his veto by Coalition for Park Access (ie access to the museums in the park by car, not the park itself). Apparently, the event was not meant for pubic consumption, but the Examiner somehow got it and printed it, much to the event organizers' dismay. Newsom tried to sneak in a back door, but a camera wielding activist stopped him and got some great pictures (which we're running in this week's paper, check 'em out). "I don't like photos," our telegenic mayor reportedly said as he blocked the camera with his hand, Hollywood-style. Bike activist and SF Party Party member Ted Strawser summed it up this way: "We are still hoping for the Mayor to show some leadership on this important issue. However, Wednesday's veto celebration, capping two months of silence, may not bode well. This may not be the last time that Park Advocates get a 'tell it to the hand' gesture from Mayor Newsom."