Daly's re-election


By Tim Redmond

Pat Murphy at the Sentinel has a nice recap of a party for Chris Daly, sponsored by Jane Morrison and Agar Jaicks, who are longtime stalwarts of the local Democratic Party. Murphy reports on the usual plaudits from the likes of Tom Amminano and Aaron Peskin, who talked about Daly's fighting spirit.

I missed the party, but let me add a point. Daly is a political pugilist, of course, and sometimes a bit prickly (he wouldn't talk to me for weeks after we declined to endorse his Transbay Terminal proposal). But I watched a lot of the budget hearings, and I have to say: It's not easy chairing that committee, and Daly did a really good job. When he's not yelling at anyone, he's actually a pretty fair legislator.

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