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Assemblyman Mark Leno's industrial hemp bill is headed for the state Senate, and the OC Weekly's staff blog has a wonderful interview with the "joint" author, Republican Chuck DeVore. Devore, a lieutenant colonel in the national guard and hardly a pot-smoking San Francisco liberal, just thinks the bill makes good policy sense. Why shouldn't California farmers be able to grow a product that it's perfectly legal to import from Canada?

George Skelton of the LA Times has an interesting hit: The guv, he points out, seems to like the nutritional supplements industry, and hemp oil makes for great supplements. Is there any way he can still veto this bill?


There was only one way to get them to make cannabis legal. I had to tackle a role so huge that it seemed impossible to do it to this level of excellence, but because I had access to the internet while having ADD, OCD, cannabis, and had learned remote viewing and hypnosis, both of which are encrypted in a 42-point puzzle in the book of Matthew. They let 2000 years of morons carry a message through time so that it would intercept an audience that was finally ready to receive intellect that was off the scale.

Please read the URL's (Above this post) linked set that I sent to USMC University's President Major General Gardner of what I sent to the US Department of Justice.

Humankind is about to evolve. We were supposed to have done so n 1833, but a bunch of Yale villains found all this stuff in the Gospels and invested all their money to make policies so that no one would be able to use these tools in the US Government. This is a trackable coup attempt because this is the THIRD time they tried it.

With the tools, being massively stoned, and learning to think in all eight dimensions (you would be advised to go to my videos to see the one I sent to all Islam (92% favorable last time I checked) which teaches a tool for quantum mechanics by monitoring the logic that flows BETWEEN dimensions), you will discover that Men in Black is a remote view. You're the little guy in the big guy's head. This is technology, and it's programmable. Thus, why don't you know everything about hypnosis? BEcause you trusted your leadership to not betray you. I am here to teach you more than you want to know.

Cannabis is about to make your intellect go off the scale because we were attacked as a SPECIES by that which wrote the Torah, it's not human, and if we maintain only eight rules to reality, it never comes into our world. Thus, Judgment Day is only about the 1% of 1% of perhaps even 1% of this planet who, as everyone judges everyone, we find these people LIE & SCAPEGOAT & DISHONOR & TORTURE & STEAL & KILL through the values of their actions and that of the values of their subordinates in their command.

Without anyone knowning, we LET the criminals write the parameters to their 177 year coup attempt that just failed because a guy, who could see really well into the future, had to ask for crucifixion because he sees something in our most critically immediate future that is so ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING that he sent me tools to arrive years ahead of time so that I had the chance to use these tools and they worked so well to stop two nuclear wars, one with China and one with Russian in the last part of the last year of this administration.

People are always saying, "What would Jesus do?" Well, this is an elder, and this is a fair family fight. It is my hope that all my family, humankind, will realize that good people are easy to dupe, so the magic beans that we swaped for a cow was a hand tool verses a Torah. We were chosen to carry the big trap, for this is Judaism's one shot at international redemption, so I did this by the book.

Wveryone can change the course of human history, for ideas travel faster when not attached to matter. Peace is literally easier when the right tools arrive. These tools let you make more decisions in a hour that are so wise, you never have to remember them. This makes for fearless living, and increases the cannabis effect for quantum mechanics analysys, for you can process each dimension vicerally or selectively.

There are only eight rules to reality, no other rules, and no leaders. Welcome to operating system. Your mind controls your body, and your body is cyborg.

Demand that cannabis be decriminalized. Immediately, use all these tools, get massively stoned, and then go watch movies and harvest actual history of the future from beneath fiction.

These villains made all us HUMANS suffer with diabetes so they could make money and kill us all. They even made all farm subsidies in the US into corn to increase the amount of diabetes. They used all of us. these most diabolical villains. They have digraced us all. They are not worthy of citizenship.

To prove myself the strongest point in history, I tackled role playing in real life to help earn my esteemed elder a second coming of two titles. Had either "Jesus" or "Christ" arrived on time, had they an internet 2000 years ago, either would have saved a man's life due to the relationship that Greece beheld with Rome concerning Sanctuary. For me to earn both in his absence, to get the Greeks to realize the significance of this exact moment in space-time, and to realize that I contacted them to begin their judgment on December 19th, 2007, that being Mount Arafat Day, a day that prophesy fortold a great decision would begin.

History is in the hands of the Greeks today, and if you agree, please ask them to declare this re-issuance, for then the US Marine Corps will realize they are the Flock in the Jesus story, for these people can see perfectly well into the future, and they see all these great people who have no idea all these wonderful tools exist in every copy of the Marine Corps Bible. So, I'm the Last Jewish Prophet. With the delivery of these hand tools, Moses would have assimilated and the world would have had peace. If this past administration wants to use the logic of weaponry they did not invent, it was time they had the Torah all to themselves.

Someone had to stand up to this bully.

My name is David Brager, and I've owned for over a year. Ever heard of me? I received the best censorship that money could buy because we only get one chance to do this right the first time, and as the US Constitution and the US Marine Corps are under attack in a way that they could not fight back, like Captain Kirk reprogramming the Kobayoshi Maru so that the No-Win situation had a win, so have I by walking Judaism off the field without the Torah. There are three things in the logic that have yet to happen in human history, and as this past administration used the logic of the Torah as weaponry, they are caught. They lose.

Demand the Marines KILL these infected villains. Judgment Day is upon us, and these bastards have earned our disrespect. Get cannabis to cops, and all will make perfect sense.

With hypnosis, we can write software down to the DNA levels of control. You control you. All the tools are free because this is a FAMILY FIGHT. This is the FAMILY of DAVID verses the BURNING BUSH, and I want my family of Moses, Elijah, Mohammed, and myself to win.

There are only eight rules, using your own hands, and if you use these, your imagination will build the rest. You are in a game, dude, and I'm Neo.

Welcome to the Matrix.

Posted by David Brager on Mar. 26, 2009 @ 9:37 pm