Do you support the Olympic Games?


Olympic Question
BY Sarah Phelan
"Do you support the Olympic Games?"
That 's the question that Sup. Gerardo Sandoval believes Mayor Gavin Newsom should, but is afraid, to ask.

""I love sports and I'd love nothing more than to have the Olympics come to San Francisco," said Sandoval at the Aug. 8 Board of Supes meeting. "But as a supervisor I want to ask the voters whether it should be SF's policy to host the 2016 Olymoics, given the costs and benefits.Why is the Mayor's Office afraid to do so?" said Sandoval, noting that academic studies show only a "very modest gain," whereas Chambers of Commerce-related reports cite "huge gains" for cities that are Olympic hosts.
"We shouldn't be afraid to ask," said Sandoval, criticizing the mayor's "behind doors conversations," on matters such as the financing of the 49ers stadium--a stadium, which as Sandoval noted, is to be included as an venue in the mayor's vision for the 2016 Olympics.
"I'm happy the mayor has acknowledged that we need to ask the voters," said Sandoval, adding that Newsom believes it's "premature to ask right now".
"Premature implies maturity," said Sandoval, suggesting that the Olympic question will be asked some time in the future, as he tabled his own motion "to ask voters" for now. But feel free, SF, to tell us what you think about the plan . We're not afraid to hear it. Heck, it might even reveal what people do and don't know.