City Attorney sues major San Francisco landlord


The City Attorney’s Office announced today that it’s suing one of San Francisco’s biggest landlords, Skyline Realty, aka CitiApartments.

Some of you may remember our three-part series on the company, published in March, in which current and former rent-controlled tenants claimed either in lawsuits or during interviews that they were victims of a patterned attempt to oust them from their apartments.

From a press statement released by Dennis Herrera:

"The facts revealed by my office's investigation demonstrate very clearly that the owners of Skyline Realty and CitiApartments made a calculated business decision to operate in violation of the law -- and to do so consistently," Herrera said. "Given its dominant market position and web of subsidiaries, Skyline's illicit business practices do not merely victimize tenants, they cheat the vast majority of law-abiding landlords with whom they compete unfairly. Their business conduct is egregious, it is pervasive, it is illegal, and it will not be countenanced in San Francisco's rental marketplace."

Our stories also documented several complaints and violations lodged with the city Department of Building Inspection as well as a history of the business practices of the Lembis, the dynastic family that founded Skyline.

Below are links to the stories and the city attorney’s media release.

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