Politics in moderation


G.W. Schulz

The state Dems staged a media event yesterday as part of their ongoing attempts to link incumbent Schwarzenegger to the Bush White House. A commentator from CSU Sacramento called it a flawed strategy, and he’s right to the extent that campaigns shouldn't be filled with everything but healthy political discourse.

Asking for a clean fight, however, is a bunch of wide-eyed, quixotic bullshit.

What made me laugh were quotes from the Gubernator's campaign and a Democratic strategist who are both saying the attacks won’t work. According to these shrewd gentleman, the "German shepherd," as the Dems have taken to calling the Gov, is no Bush Republican because he has a lesbian Democratic Party heavyweight leading his staff and his wife is a Kennedy. Uh, sure. He also voted against gay marriage, deformed workers’ compensation and can’t bring the state’s prisons under control as he promised.

But the best part is this: Despite Schwarzenegger’s sudden drive to the center -- just in time for campaign season -- and despite the centrist platitudes, two of the man’s top campaign organizers come from right inside the most conservative sectors of the Republican Party. Steve Schmidt is a well-credentialed Republican who once served as both a top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney and protégé of the ever-shameless political plumber, Karl Rove.

Remember when Judge Samuel Alito's wife burst into tears during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings? It made for great television drama, and it put a smile on Steve Schmidt's face.

Schmidt is now Schwarzenegger’s campaign manager, and according to the Chron:

“He has refocused the governor’s message on more moderate themes, and with chief strategist Matthew Dowd, another White House insider, has helped rebuild the political popularity of the Schwarzenegger brand name.”

Angelides is a goober, I’ll admit. But the Republican Party is not exactly in the best position these days to define "moderate."

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