Behind the redevelopment initiative


By Tim Redmond

I just said something nice about Randy Shaw, so it's time to slap him a fast one. The big story in today's BeyondChron is a gushing testimonial to the efforts of one Biran Murphy O'Flynn to block the city's redevelopment plan for Bayview Hunters Point. Shaw calls O'Flynn's efforts "the Little Engine That Could" (no, really, he does) and says that "O’Flynn’s tenacity in the face of funding problems, and the failure of any single powerful organization to take ownership of the campaign, shows how a single person’s passion and commitment can still make a difference in San Francisco."

Okay, so there are problems with the redevelopment plan -- but O'Flynn is no community hero. He's the guy, you may recall, who tried to build some condos in what became a North Beach park and got so mad at Sup. Aaron Peskin for opposing the development that he tried to run against him in District Three, with an utter lack of success.

He's a pal of Joe O'Donoghue and the residential builders, and is pissed at revevelopment, I suspect, not because he worries about the people in Bayview (remember, he ran for supervisor from North Beach, so presumably he lives there), but because the redevelopment plan, for all its flaws, would stop builders like him from turning the southeast neighborhoods into a condo development free-for-all.

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