No on Jessica's Law


by Amanda Witherell

If we didn't convince you enough that Prop 83 is just a somewhat timely law designed to make Democrats look like the ones who are soft on sexual predation (Ahem, Mark Foley) the New York Times ran an article today illustrating how similar legislation in New York has created nodes of sexual predators that are giving neighbors the willies and inspiring some to take the law into their own hands. Read more here. The other concerns, which the Times doesn't touch, is that some acts that were once upon a time considered sex offenses, like consensual homosexual sex, no longer merit that status but under Megan's Law the "criminals" may still have to identify themselves as sex offenders. Also, to slap Global Positioning Systems on people doesn't necessarily mean it will be possible to keep vigilant track of them -- the devices transmit signals by line of sight with satellites, which can often be blocked by roofs, walls, buildings, dense tree cover.