Even wrong when right


By Steven T. Jones
Even when the Chronicle gets it right, they get it wrong. Political writers Carla Marinucci and Tom Chorneau scored a great story by discovering that Amos Brown -- the SF pastor and former supervisor -- had been paid $16,000 by the Schwarzenegger campaign prior to deciding to endorse Herr Governor. It was disgraceful and should shred any credibility that Brown had left. But then they screwed up the story by alternately labeling Brown a "liberal" and a "progressive," when he was neither. As a supervisor, Brown was conservative and a reliable vote for downtown, and since then, he's been shilling for the Republican-funded SFSOS and selling out his flock to conservative nutball Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Marinucci and other Chron writers also regularly prop up disgraced SFSOS head Wade Randlett. It's telling of the Chron's worldview that they consider Brown to be left of center.
The paper also did some PR work for the Schwarzenegger this morning by writing about the party for Virgin Airlines, despite the lack of news. The company doesn't yet have permission to operate and it seemed mostly about demonstrating Arnold's bipartisan appeal by putting him next to Mayor Gavin Newsom, where they each claimed credit for "creating 1,700 jobs." Too bad the actual total, as reported by Fog City Journal, is just 100 jobs. Oh well, can't let those pesky facts get in the way of good politics.