Arnold lovers


By Steven T. Jones
It was disappointing -- but not entirely unexpected -- to see the Chronicle endorse Arnold Schwarzenegger today. After all, both the Chron and Arnold are, as they describe him "economically conservative, socially moderate" (and I'll leave off their next label, "environmentally progressive," which is complete bullshit in describing a guy who owns four Hummers and watered down every environmental bill he's signed, including the much ballyhooed global warming measure).
Yet what I do find truly amazing in this endorsement is the Chron's failure to mention, among the two areas in which they've differed from the governor, Arnold's veto of legislation that would have legalized same-sex marriage. This was arguably the most important bill of Arnold's tenure, one approved only thorugh the tenacity of our own Assembly member Mark Leno, one Arnold had previously pledge to support. This shameful and telling omission provides further evidence that the Chron is a paper of the suburbs and middle America, not this proudly progressive city.