A tissue for Newsom


By Steven T. Jones
Kudos for the Chron's Cecelia Vega for debunking Mayor Gavin Newsom's pity-party television interview, in which he said he may not run for reelection. Vega punches her story home with some great phrases like "20-year-old Republican girlfriend" and "Washington-size dose of political posturing," but the real gems come from Bruce Cain and Gerardo Sandoval. Check 'em out. But I once again have to find fault with Vega and other Chron writers continuing to prop up Wade Randlett as if he's some kind of party insider or astute political observer, rather than the discredited right wing bagman that he is. But for the Chron, this is still mighty fine work.
As for Newsom, suck it out or get out! Geez, talk about letting your sense of overentitlement show. If you want a carefree life of chasing tail in the Marina or playing the rich socialite, go to it. Your job is way too important for you to be as checked out and self-indulgent as you have been lately anyway. Sure, it's a tough job, but there are lots of competent progressives in this city who would love to trade places with you, even with all the abuse that entails. Call Ross Mirkarimi, I'm sure he'd welcome the news that you're stepping down and supporting him. Actually, come to think of it, maybe that is the way to go. It is a very tough job that's only bound to get tougher, and you're a young man who should be out there enjoying life. Get out while you can, my friend. You don't need this shit.