Bill Clinton kicks Big Oil's ass


By Sarah Phelan

Say what you will about Clinton, but when it comes to raising morale, the 42nd President still has what it takes.
"One side says stay the course, the other says, 'We can do better,'"said Clinton, as he urged us all to vote Yes in Prop. 87, which raises $4 billion by taxing oil, and uses those funds for alternative energy research and development, including incentives for buying alternative-fuel vehicles. Too bad Big Oil didn't spend $100 million on improving air quality, reducing asthma and lung cancer, instead of on all those misleading ads that try to frighten people into voting no.
"They can't deny climate change, the national security implications, that too many of us, especially children, are breathing air that doesn't meet minimum requirements, so they're just spending $100 million to defeat Prop. 87," said Clinton. "They're really just saying, 'We're against any positive change."