Cancelling Halloween is like killing Gay Christmas


By Sarah Phelan

Is San Francisco going to let a handful of gang bangers shut down Halloween?
Er, wouldn't that be like "letting the terrorists win," to quote our not so favorite president.
And how can San Francisco seriously expect to win the Olympic bid if the city spends the next week blabbing on about how we don't know how to control a large crowd or successfully manage a parade?
Because a parade could have turned Halloween 2006 into a peaceful success, instead of a violent disaster.
Instead, Sup. Bevan Dufty's last-minute effort to reap political mileage out of the 'law and order" theme seriously backfired when things turned nasty the MINUTE THE POLICE ANNOUNCED THE PARTY WAS ENDING EARLY.
Wiith meaningful planning, beginning NOW, the community can figure out cool ways to keep Halloween alive.
As District 8 supervisorial challenger Alix Rosenthal told the press, the city's security and safety preparation "was badly conceived, badly executed--and preventable. We should spend at least 6 months planning this. Instead Dufty waited until the end of July to start doing anything and the city says, 'We did our best.' It's time for new leadership."