Asian representation in District 4


live report by Jon Beckhardt

The energy at Harry Ha's restaurant on Irving isn't exactly captiviting. Janry Mak's core campaign has yet to show at the election night party being held there. "It's hard to know," one supporter, who refuses to give his name, says of Mak's chances of becoming a Supervisor. "They say we won't know the results until Friday. That's San Francisco politics."

Meanwhile people make casual trips to the buffet and sit down to enjoy a meal as they wait for Mak to arrive.

One precinct captain, also refusing to give his name, laments the possibility there might not be any Asian representation on the Board if Mak should lose her race for Supervisor in District 4. "That'll be it, there won't be anymore," he says. However, he adds, "It seemed [the Asian community] got out the vote today."

This possibility leads supporters at one table to wish the city would return to citywide elections. "Of course, we should return to citywide elections," says one supporter, "Don't you think so, too?"

Well, that might be taking things a little too far.