Backing Black


live report by G. W. Schulz

Rob Black's election night party is easily the best dressed I've been to so far. Lots of ties. Lots of heels. Lots of good hair. Lots of white people, frankly. What's more, the party is being held at the very swanky Momo's just across the street from Giants' stadium.

National election results are appearing on four televisions at the end of the bar. Despite the fact that Black appeared to be trailing Daly the last time I checked in what has proved to be one of the most contentious local races, the crowd seems resilient, with the help of big glasses of wine. (People are receiving professional massages just behind me--no shit.) If Black wins, maybe he will provide his constituents free professional massages in City Hall. Top that with low-income housing, Daly!

During the speech Black gave before the results were clear, he thanked the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, the Police Officer's Association, San Francisco Save Our Streets, Supervisors Elsbernd and Alioto-Pier, as well as Mayor Newsom. "I know things are tight right now," he said, "but we still have instant run-off voting to go."

He added that he believed the campaign would pick up additional second and third place IRV votes.

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