Cheer on the dance floor


Live report from Amanda Witherell

A big cheer from the mixed-bag crowd just drowned out the DJ at DNA Lounge on 11th Street. Someone just announced from the balcony that Daly has the edge on Black, 49 to 39, with about 10,000 votes in and
88 percent of the precincts reporting. The mood instantly lightens and the dance floor numbers swell.

Not long ago it was a grimmer scene with just the absentees showing Black with a slight lead on Daly, but a couple nameless election veterans suggested that absentees weren't the beacon Daly needs. The notion is confirmed by Benjamin Emery, who's standing with a couple other volunteers, complaining about their aching legs. They spent the
day getting out the vote, holding signs on street corners and knocking on doors. "I usually bill out my time at $60 an hour," said Emery, "but I decided to take today off to help Chris because I got really pissed off when I saw a lot of outside resources -- and by that I mean downtown money -- coming into this election. I decided we need to get
some outside resources in for Chris." Emery himself lives in District 5.

"We had about 500 volunteers today," Daly told us. "We had about 100 people at 5:30 a.m.! I didn't even get down there until 5:40 -- I had to shave today." Early on, Daly was looking pretty concerned about the numbers, but it appears the groundswell of local support is paying off.

"We beat him on Treasure Island, too. I heard it at campaign headquarters," said Joe Morse, one of the precinct captains.

Two progressive East Coasters who moved to San Francisco a mere two weeks ago, Dan Mazmanian and Melissa Tooley, were pointed to Daly's campaign by Music for America. "We heard he needed help," said Tooley.

Drums are beating and Daly signs are jumping in the crowd. Maybe we'll get a speech soon...