OMG -- "This Prop was Made for You and Me"


Live report from Amanda Witherell

Slim's is hosting a party for local ballot measure Prop A, the bond for SF schools. The bar is aswirl with San Francisco's school crowd -- those that are of age, at least, meaning current board members and hopefuls.

Absentees are in and showing board candidates Hydra Mendoza on top with Jane Kim a mere 9 votes behind her. The Hydra party has taken over the second story of the bar, which has raised a couple of eyebrows -- suggesting multiple conflicts of interest to come.

Warren Hellman and his band, Warren Hellman and the Bondettes, has just taken the stage, and he's scolding the crowd like a school teacher, telling the kids in the back to "Please Be Quiet!" while he's strumming a banjo. Rumor has it he penned a song today with a jab to Wade Randlett and SFSOS, who came out against Prop A. Despite that, no one in the crowd seems too worried the prop won't pass. "San Francisco has never failed to pass a school funding issue," Jill Wynns said confidently.

OMG -- "This Prop was Made for You and Me" -- it's like a third grade sing a long, here!

Warren's promised us three songs, and he's still yelling at the crowd to quiet down and listen to him, from underneath the brim of his straw 10-gallon ...