Seems good, feels good


Live report by Jon Beckhardt

Nothing but optimism all night among the diverse crowd gathered at Tennessee Grill to witness Ron Dudum's potential win for Supe in District 4 – which has now only been heightened with news that he’s 6 points ahead. "Seems good, Feels good” says Tuan Nguyen, Field Director for Dudum's campaign.

Even when Ed Jew was ahead, no one was fazed. "We're going to leave him in the dust “ says Diane Wayne, a longtime supporter of Dudum. “If Ed Jew wins, it’ll be a disappointment for the Sunset” says Amanda Rybarczky, another supporte.

The only person showing restraint is Ron Dudum “IRV is the biggest thing out there, and until that says we win, no one knows shit.” (He acknowledged that Guardian readers would love that quote.) Tuan says, “Our strategy was to stay below the radar. We weren’t going to be the candidate backed by big labor, big organizations – we were going to be the candidate backed by the neighborhood.”

If the race isn't called until Friday, Tuan says “that’s posturing by the board of elections.”