Time to party


By Steven T. Jones
D8 challenger Alix Rosenthal have been watching the returns from our home with friends, waiting for some numbers before we headed down to her party at the 500 Club. The first big jump on the numbers puts Dufty at 65, Rosenthal at 30, and Starchild at 5. We've always know it would be an uphill battle and it's not looking good, even though we expect Alix to gain ground as the half of the ballots that remain are counted. Alix has run hard in an exhausting race, but is still holding strong and feeling good about her underdog run at an incumbent with a ton of Establishment support. "It's been an exhilarating experience We gave him a run for his money and made him a better supervisor for District 8 and the rest of the city," Alix just told me.

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