People Power


by Amanda Witherell

It's after the witching hour and the Guardian has said "good night" to the District 6 celebration, but when we left Chris Daly was still dancing his victorious ass off with hundreds of his supporters on the floor of DNA Lounge.

After a moving speech from Daly's wife, Sarah, who could barely hold back tears as she told us how she'd try to get her husband to move out to the suburbs where the yards are bigger, the trees have leaves, and the sidewalks are clean. "Why would we want to live out there?" he told his wife. "All the good people are here!" he said about the city that just re-elected him for another term on the Board of Supervisors.

Indeed, all the good people that Daly represents turned out to vote for him in this pivotal election that sends a clear progressive message to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors.

The most notable characteristic of the Daly crowd is that it's a truly diverse slice of the city's population -- all ages, every shade of race, and a wild display of dresswear, ranging from sweaty, green Daly-issued t-shirts to black suit coats and shiney pumps. It's a testament to the fact that Daly truly speaks to every social and economic part of District 6. "The Black campaign," Daly said from the stage, "Wasn't very black at all," he says, with an obvious nod to the wild diversity of the hundreds of people in the crowd.

Robert Haaland, from SEIU Local 790, is one of the most ecstatic in the crowd, and tells us they jumpstarted a campaign to roust people from their SRO enclaves to vote. Benjamin Emery, a volunteer, said he shed his Daly t-shirt to proffer a non-partisan escort to the polls for the elderly and infirm folks he encountered as he knocked on doors in the Tenderloin.

"A well-received revolution happened today," District 5 Supe. Ross Mirkarimi told us, adding he was ecstatic about other races like school and college boards that were taken by green and progressive candidates Jane Kim and John Rizzo. "Everything that we backed, we won."

"It says that the Board of Supervisors has been on the right track for the last half dozen years," Board president Aaron Peskin said. "The progressive initiatives that continue to come from the Board are being embraced by the voters of San Francisco," he said of the near unanimous approval of local measures that were pushed to the ballot by the work of supervisors like Daly.