Ed Jew Takes District 4, Daly in 6


by Amanda Witherell

The city's Elections department just released the ranked choice results for district 4 and Ed Jew is the unofficial winner with 52 percent of the vote. Ron Dudum was the last to drop, but the results show enough of the voters selected Jew as their preferred second choice.

The ranked choice votes also showed Chris Daly still has a firm grip on his seat in District 6. Daly was the only supervisor outside the Elections department to shake Jew's hand and welcome him to the fold after the results were released. "Really looking forward to working with you," Daly said to the new supe.

Jew said running from a district rather than city-wide benefitted him because "personally, being a candidate that did not have the endorsements of big money, it demonstrates that the hard work of knocking on doors and a grass roots campaign works." Earlier, before results were released, when questioned about district elections, he said it may be a process that needs a reexamination.

Jaynry Mak and Doug Chan didn't turn out for the results, though Ron Dudum was there checking the tallies and questioning the elections officials. He said he had no regrets about his campaign, but wouldn't be running again.

Jew said his first action as a leader for D4 will be to convene three neighborhood advisory councils focused on pedestrian safety, the environment and parks, and small businesses to give him guidance on the neighborhood's priorities.