Josh Wolf's Thanksgiving


By Sarah Phelan

Got a letter today that Josh Wolf wrote on Thanksgiving in which he reports that he got a “fairly tasty and very substantial Thanksgiving dinner at noon, followed by a sack lunch at 2:30 pm for dinner.”

That said, he wrote about having only had three phone interviews since his return to Dublin—one from the Bay Guardian, one from the Chronicle, one from MTV.

“Hardly a high demand even given the limited resources of a cash-strapped prison budget,” observes Wolf of the prison’s decision to deny him on-camera interviews and to forbid phone interviews from being taped.

“The fact of the matter is that the dominant source of media is television and in order to justify a marketable interest in my story both sight and sound are needed,” Wolf notes.

He also explains why his legal team elected not to take his case to the Supreme Court:
“The current court make-up is not positive for making advances in the rights of the press,” says Wolf, in what could be the biggest understatement of the year.

His final thought for Thanksgiving Day? “Please send my regards to whomever has seen to it that I’m getting the Guardian—I got three issues last week!”

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