Poor, poor Ms. Conroy


By Tim Redmond

The way The Examiner's Ken Garcia is putting it, the San Francisco supervisors did a terrible thing to cut funding for the new job that Mayor Newsom created for Annemarie Conroy.

Poor, poor Annemarie, who won't get her $185,000-a-year job going to meetings that she used to go to anyway in her previous job, which she did so badly she had to be demoted from it.

Garcia quotes Newsom saying “Politics is one thing, but when you go out of your way to take away someone’s livelihood, then it’s purely spiteful."

Come on.

Conroy is a lawyer who worked for a high-powered downtown firm before she became a supervisor. She's eminently employable. She's not going to miss any meals just because the supervisors decided, properly, that this is a patronage post that does nothing for the taxpayers who are footing the bill.

Newsom insisted when he was first running that all this Willie-Brown-style nonsense was over. And yet, it continues -- and now he whines when he gets caught.

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