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By G.W. Schulz

We confirmed earlier this week through court records that Hearst and MediaNews are continuing their business relationship with plans to purchase the Daily Breeze in Southern California for $25 million. The Breeze itself confirmed the news with its own story a few days ago.

Word of the deal surfaced in court records filed last week in Clint Reilly's civil suit against Hearst, MediaNews and others alleging anti-competition. We'll have more on this story coming up in a couple of days in the Guardian. There's a whole lot going on here and it's happening fast.

Meanwhile, cheers to Chronicle reporter Mike Weiss for the first in a four-part series about the day-to-day operations of San Francisco General Hospital published in the paper today. The lead installment contained a gripping look at the hospital's trauma center and puts a microscope on the tragedy of gun violence in the city.

The paper has unfortunately buried some of its very good recent coverage of homicides in the East Bay, and a closer look at just how brutal gunshot wounds are and how they effect San Francisco was much desired. Knowing so many people at General are fiercely committed to treating poor patients, too, makes you pretty damn proud to be a San Franciscan. But the hospital could still face closure in a few years if we don't meet some tough state standards for earthquake preparedness.

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