Leno vs. Migden in 2008? Maybe


By Tim Redmond

This is still at the early whisper stages, but there are a number of people urging Mark Leno to run for state Senate against fellow Democrat Carole Migden in 2008 -- and the word is that Leno is actively considering it.

Talk about wild campaigns.

Both are formidable fundraisers and good campaigners, both have had strong bases of support in the city -- but Leno seems to be more on the political upswing these days. He's was just re-elected easily, has few visible enemies in town, and is chairing the powerful Appropriations Committee. Migden angered some local progressives with her strong support of Steve Westly for governor over Phil Angelides (although she can certainly argue that the outcome of the election lends credence to her claim that Westly had a better chance of beating Schwarzenegger).

Leno and Migden have never been best pals; Migden supported former Sup. Harry Britt against Leno in the often bitter 2002 Assembly primary.

Migden's a fighter; a primary challenge wouldn't be easy. But the fact that it's even under discussion suggests that Leno thinks there is some dissatisfaction with the incumbent.

Keep an eye on this one.

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