Dean Macris madness


By Tim Redmond

So City Planning Director Dean Macris thinks the San Francisco skyline is not distinctive enough. Today's Chron quotes him supporting an 80-story tower next to the new transbay terminal:

"The current skyline is very flat, and needs some peaks to create a more distinctive look.''

Excuse me: Dean Macris is responsible for much of what the skyline looks like today. He defined the rules for highrises in 1984 with his Downtown Plan, and the uglification has proceeded apace ever since. The skyline is filled with walls of tombstones because city planning under Macris and then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein was driven entirely by developers who wanted to make vast amounts of money. Esthetics were never an issue; bulk and density was where the profit was, so that's what we got.

What a crock of shit.

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