More reporters facing jail


Josh Wolf may soon have company: Two more reporters have been ordered to testifyin a court hearing, and neither one of them seems about to give in

Sarah Olson, an Oakland freelancer who writes for Truthout, and Dahr Jamail, who has done some amazing reporting from Iraq, both received subpoenas from Army prosecutors, who want them to testify against 1st Lt. Ehren Watadam who is charged with refusing to accept orders that he deploy in Iraq. He has been quoted as saying that he thinks the war is illegal, and prosecutors want the reporters to confirm their interviews with him.

Not likely.

Olson is being defended by David Greene of the First Amemdment Project. Jaimail's lawyer is Dan Siegel of People's Park fame.

This is getting out of control. Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi need to speak out in public about this. So does the rest of the Bay Area Congressional delegation.

I called Pelosi's office yesterday, and asked if she had made any comment or taken a position on the Josh WOlf case. A staffer promised to get back to me, but never did.

If you want to call Pelosi on this, her district office is at 556-4862.