New Year’s Eve letter from Josh Wolf:


Dear Sarah
Thanks for sending me information about the latest on the BALCO leak. I remember the morning that this bit of news broke quite well as the information itself arrived to me from a number of convict sources who had just seen it on the news. Everything from telling me that the reporters had come forward with their sources to the nonsensical take that the FBI had come forward to tell the journalists who their source was. Needless to say, I spent the next 40 minutes glued to the morning news waiting for the story to come back around. When it did air again, I was still somewhat confused but at least had some idea what was going on.

Several weeks later and after having read both your letter and the Chronicle’s coverage, I am still quite a bit confused. For starters, where does Larry McCormack fit in? What exactly would Troy Ellerman gain by leaking the documents and

wouldn’t the surfacing of this information hurt his client? It’s like a connect-the-dots drawing and 2/3s of the points are missing.

All this is completely aside from what, if anything, this will do regarding the contempt citation presently facing Williams and Fainaru-Wada.

Did you happen to read their latest article about BALCO? I think it was published Dec. 24th and could not have portrayed Greg Anderson in a more illicit light. I don’t know what will happen if they decide to send Mark and Lance to jail and Greg is still here: it seems like they can’t really both be housed here in the general population, in light of that article. Hopefully, no one will have to worry about that, though.

I’m managing to keep my spirits up pretty well through all of this and have managed to write daily in my journal. Can you believe that I’ve written over 100 pages front and back, in addition to all my letters and blog entries.

I’m glad to hear that lots of people at the Guardian are tracking my case and that the interns are always excited to hear from me. I’d love to hear from them, as well.

Anyhow, it’s now 2007 and my cellie wants me to shut off the light.

Good night and good luck

may 2007 be a fortuitous year

Josh Wolf