The State of the Union is ....


By Tim Redmond


It's as if nothing that has happened over the past four years has made any difference to the president. He started off by saying that the private sector, and tax breaks, were going to solve the health-insurance crisis, which is demonstrably wrong. Then he went on -- and on -- talking about the war on terror, and trying, yet again, as he has done over and over with no success, to tie the war in Iraq to Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks.

My favorite line: "This is not the fight we entered, but it's the fight we are in." Excuse me: A lot of us pointed out out from the start that this was exactly the fight we were entering. The mess that is Iraq is no surprise -- it's exactly what everyone with any sanity predicted would happen.

Bush says he wants to "remove the conditions" that inspire terrorists -- but every day the US stays in Iraq, those conditions get worse. (Interesting to note that Bush talked about Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Syria during this part of his speech -- but nothing at all about Israel and Palestine. That lingering cancer on US relations with the Arab and Muslim world wasn't even mentioned until the very end of the speech, almost as a footnote.)

And what's this about 92,000 more soldiers in the military? The armed services can barely make their quotas as it is. Where is he going to find those people?

I repeat what I've said before: The Democrats have a perfect opportunity to retake the White House. Bush's presidency is in total collapse. But the people who control Congress are going to have to get serious about cutting off funding for the war.

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