Will the real Peter Ragone please stand up?


By Steven T. Jones
The scrappy political blog SFist has consistently, insightfully, and with an infectious sense of voyeuristic glee been dogging Mayor Gavin Newsom and his many missteps of the last year, becoming a go-to site for local political junkies. As such, Newsom's prickly press secretary Peter Ragone and a few other Gavin supporters have taken to posting comments defending their guy.
Well, now it seems the SFist has caught Ragone apparently pretending to be a John Nelson, posting comments slamming SFist and slobbering all over Newsom. Like the SFist, I called Ragone's numbers trying to get a comment and/or confirmation, but was unsuccessful.
What the hell is going on in the mayor's office? Has their bunker mentality completely overwhelmed their sense of ethics, accountability to the public, and service to the city? Personally, I'm going to redouble my efforts to dog the mayor and put some hard questions to him -- as soon as he gets back from skiing in Switzerland with his girlfriend.